S1 Ep6: Credunt Essere Vera

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It is a question that has taxed the greatest of minds: is there life after death? And if so, can it ever be proved?
In 1903, three Polish scientists agreed upon a bizarre pact in order to settle the matter once and for all. But they did so without considering the implications of what would happen if their experiment should ever come to fruition.

Well Weird is written and produced by Adrian Claypole ©2017

S1 Ep 5: The Whack Experience

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When metal detectorist Kenneth Momerath discovered human remains in the desert outside of Las Vegas, he had no idea that he was about to unleash murder and mayhem from beyond the grave.

But when you cross the Mob, you must be prepared to face the consequences of your actions.

And when you betray the Mob, the punishments can be equally severe.

This episode of Well Weird was written and produced by Adrian Claypole ©2017.

S1 Ep3: Strange Creatures

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The Loch Ness Monster. Sasquatch. Strange creatures now dismissed as hoaxes. But can the same be said for the thousands of other sightings of strange creatures recorded throughout history? Even if just one of them was proved to be correct, what does that tell us about our own grasp of the natural – or unnatural world?
And our place in it?

In this episode, Adrian Claypole examines reports of strange creatures from around the world, including the mindboggling horror of The Beast of Bolstadt and the terrifying devil creature sighted at a witch-ducking in 17th century Yorkshire.

Cold reason suggests such creatures cannot exist, that they are merely the product of fevered imaginations.

But can we be so sure?

This episode was written and produced by Adrian Claypole ©2017

Original music courtesy of Mattia Cupelli, Ross Bugden

S1 Ep 2: Rock, Paper, Blubber

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The sinking of Nantucket whaling ship Mary McBride in 1852 has been long forgotten, as has the only fate of the doomed vessel’s only surviving crew.
Yet few who hear the story of Zebediah Cartwright and Ned Elderhive, cast adrift on the vast northern Atlantic for 172, will ever forget it.
All we can hope is that we will never endure the same fate of these two unfortunate souls…for if we did, what would our choice be?

This episode was written and produced by Adrian Claypole ©2017

Original music courtesy of Mattia Cupelli, Ross Bugden

Did you know?


In 1982 Lithuanian television planned a one-off drama about the Mary McBride incident, starring Silvestras Leikus, left, as Zebediah Cartwright, and Teofilis Biskis as Ned Elderhive. Entitled Mirtis Laivas (The Ship of Death), production was beset by problems from the beginning when the vessel doubling as the Mary McBride struck a WW2 mine while being towed into port at Klaipeda, with the loss of 25 crew. A week into filming, Leikus was found dead in his trailer, having apparently been overcome by fumes from a leaking chemical toilet. Days later Biskis was arrested by police on charges of illegal chicken trafficking – an offence punishable by death under Lithuanian law. Although the sentence was reduced on appeal, the actor was imprisoned for 14 years.

Season 1 Episode 1 THE ZORGON QUEEN

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Episode written and produced by Adrian Claypole ©2017. Original music courtesy of Mattia Cupelli, Ross Bugden, Curtis Jay Banks

bevir adjust

Are we really alone in the Universe?

In the summer of 1976 the former mining town of Flimby in remote West Cumbria was divided when office cleaner Martha Bevir alleged she had been the victim of a series of alien abductions.

Her employers, however, claimed she was a workshy malingerer. But who was right? And what do subsequent mysterious events in the town tell us about our place in the scheme of things?

More than 40 years since those events, the legacy of Martha Bevir lives on in the psyche of everyone who was there.

Above  is the last known photograph of Martha Bevir, taken after her claim for unfair dismissal was thrown out by an industrial tribunal in Flimby. Below, Bevir’s crude self-drawn representation of her alien abductors from the Zorgon Federation appears to show their many cocks.

Bevirs drawing of alien


Stories from beyond beyond…

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weirdFull details of episodes from Season 1 of the Well Weird podcast will appear here.

For now, you can listen to the preview episode here