S1 Ep3: Strange Creatures

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The Loch Ness Monster. Sasquatch. Strange creatures now dismissed as hoaxes. But can the same be said for the thousands of other sightings of strange creatures recorded throughout history? Even if just one of them was proved to be correct, what does that tell us about our own grasp of the natural – or unnatural world?
And our place in it?

In this episode, Adrian Claypole examines reports of strange creatures from around the world, including the mindboggling horror of The Beast of Bolstadt and the terrifying devil creature sighted at a witch-ducking in 17th century Yorkshire.

Cold reason suggests such creatures cannot exist, that they are merely the product of fevered imaginations.

But can we be so sure?

This episode was written and produced by Adrian Claypole ©2017

Original music courtesy of Mattia Cupelli, Ross Bugden

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