S1 Ep 2: Rock, Paper, Blubber

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The sinking of Nantucket whaling ship Mary McBride in 1852 has been long forgotten, as has the only fate of the doomed vessel’s only surviving crew.
Yet few who hear the story of Zebediah Cartwright and Ned Elderhive, cast adrift on the vast northern Atlantic for 172, will ever forget it.
All we can hope is that we will never endure the same fate of these two unfortunate souls…for if we did, what would our choice be?

This episode was written and produced by Adrian Claypole ©2017

Original music courtesy of Mattia Cupelli, Ross Bugden

Did you know?


In 1982 Lithuanian television planned a one-off drama about the Mary McBride incident, starring Silvestras Leikus, left, as Zebediah Cartwright, and Teofilis Biskis as Ned Elderhive. Entitled Mirtis Laivas (The Ship of Death), production was beset by problems from the beginning when the vessel doubling as the Mary McBride struck a WW2 mine while being towed into port at Klaipeda, with the loss of 25 crew. A week into filming, Leikus was found dead in his trailer, having apparently been overcome by fumes from a leaking chemical toilet. Days later Biskis was arrested by police on charges of illegal chicken trafficking – an offence punishable by death under Lithuanian law. Although the sentence was reduced on appeal, the actor was imprisoned for 14 years.

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