Season 1 Episode 1 THE ZORGON QUEEN

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Episode written and produced by Adrian Claypole ©2017. Original music courtesy of Mattia Cupelli, Ross Bugden, Curtis Jay Banks

bevir adjust

Are we really alone in the Universe?

In the summer of 1976 the former mining town of Flimby in remote West Cumbria was divided when office cleaner Martha Bevir alleged she had been the victim of a series of alien abductions.

Her employers, however, claimed she was a workshy malingerer. But who was right? And what do subsequent mysterious events in the town tell us about our place in the scheme of things?

More than 40 years since those events, the legacy of Martha Bevir lives on in the psyche of everyone who was there.

Above  is the last known photograph of Martha Bevir, taken after her claim for unfair dismissal was thrown out by an industrial tribunal in Flimby. Below, Bevir’s crude self-drawn representation of her alien abductors from the Zorgon Federation appears to show their many cocks.

Bevirs drawing of alien


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